Handicap Run 13th November

handicap-run-13112016Well done to all runners in today’s handicap run. This was a 2.4 mile circuit, with each runner completing the same route twice, trying to match the time of the second lap as close as possible to the first without timing aids! All runners managed to run the second lap quicker than the first.

Congratulations to the winner, Paul Reaney with a -6 second difference.

Paul Reaney -6 secs
Phil Austin -15 secs
Angela Loy -19 secs
Steve Crownshaw -20 secs
Dave Shaw -23 secs
Phil Morgan -24 secs
Paul Stafford -28 secs
Steve Pitts -30 secs
Barbara Hudson -34 secs
Theresa Shaw -40 secs
Sharon Dick -60 secs
Philip March -3 mins 23 secs