Autumn Newsletter 2021

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter!  

There’s lots going on at the Club, so we have put together a newsletter to update you about the work going on behind the scenes, our plans, and some information on club nights.  


We are delighted to announce that we have new members joining the committee, with some of our newer runners and those who have become club regulars joining the ranks. The new committee consists of the following people: 

Chairman Les Crownshaw 
President Mick Briggs 
Secretary Juliet Fidorra 
Membership Chris Brown
Treasurer Steve Crownshaw 
Social Sara Hammett-Ridsdale 
Races and Cross Country Alicia Parkes 
3 Lakes leader Rachel Cadey 
Club Night leaders Sam Wilson, Chris Brown, Alicia Parkes, Rachel Cadey 
TBC Lisa Raffo 

In addition, we also have a couple of non-committee members who are undertaking key roles: 

Fiona Grayson – Merchandise 

Jon White – Website 

To make room for some new faces, a few of our hard-working committee members have decided to step aside for now. Paul Reaney, Ken Newton, Tracy Garfitt and Dave Higgins are having a well-earned break from committee duties and we thank them for their years of support and commitment to the club. They have done a brilliant job making #teamkestrels what it is today with an inclusive, welcoming and supportive ethos. The new committee members have big shoes to fill! 

New Website 

We are currently developing a new website which should give the club a more modern look, helping to attract new members and making it easier to navigate. There will be a few people who will be able to access and update the site so that information can be shared quickly and seamlessly. We will send out further updates as this develops. 

Winter Runs 

With the nights drawing in it’s time to move to our Winter club runs. Run routes are available on the current Killamarsh Kestrels website by going to “Run List” and selecting “Winter Runs”. There is also a run calendar showing which route will be run each club night. 

For the winter runs it’s important that we wear high viz clothing as it will of course be dark and we have several roads to cross on most runs. 

We are also going to formulate a back-marker rota. This is a really important role carried out by a pair of runners who will make sure everyone is back safely, carrying a phone for any issues. Back marking means you aim to be back to the club last so you know everyone made it round. Depending on your pace you can do this by leaving a bit later than the main group – it’s then a fun challenge to try and catch them!  

With everyone taking a turn it should mean you only do this once every few months. If anyone does not wish to be part of the back-marker rota, please let one of the Club night leaders know.  

Social events 

We have a busy social calendar approaching, so far, we have in the diary: 

Curry Night at the Vine – Nov 13th (contact Sara Hammett-Ridsdale) 

Christmas Buffet at the Crown – 14th December (Tickets on sale soon) 

The Christmas Cracker – 19th December 

The Famous fancy dress Pub Run – 21st December (Includes Buffet) 

Cross Country Series 

The Cross-Country series is back for 2022! We will be kicking off as tradition dictates on the first Sunday of the year, this year falling on 2nd January. For anyone who has never taken part in this, it’s highly recommended and the camaraderie we have as a club is fantastic. 

We will race against 4 other clubs (Handsworth, Retford, Worksop and Clowne) competing every other Sunday at each one of the ‘Home’ venues. We are aiming to have the usual bar and buffet afterwards, but of course this will depend on any government guidelines nearer the time and individual venue COVID restrictions.  

Races are around 9 – 10k and are usually very wet and very muddy, but this just adds to the fun! There is a trophy for the winning club overall and additionally for the winning male and female teams. We also have a club presentation for stand out performers within our own group. 

The scoring system has always been a bit contentious as historically there have been differences between how men and women score (10 men scoring vs 5 women scoring). At this year’s cross country meeting we have agreed to update the system so that the rules are the same regardless of gender.  

This year, the top 7 men and top 7 women for each club will score points for their team. Within each group of 7 there must be a minimum of 3 veterans (over 35), meaning a maximum of 4 under 35’s. A maximum of two 2nd claim runners are allowed (more can run but they can’t score). 

The rules are described in more detail on the website along with the results from previous years. 


One of the difficulties we face is getting information across to all members. We have a WhatsApp group, our website, and a Facebook page. For now, and until the website is further developed, we will use the Facebook page as the main method of short-term communication for announcements and club run information. We will also try to add a news and update page to the current website to do the same.  We have done some work on the Facebook page to make it less complicated so please keep an eye out there for information until we get more familiar with the website process. 


We now have a good grasp of member status and UKA membership etc. Membership will run until March 2022, when you will receive an email asking you to renew. 

We currently have 112 members made up as follows: 

23 x Over 60’s 

14 x 2nd Claim 

37 x UKA members 

58% Men, 42% Women 

If you are unsure if you are a member or need more information, please contact Steve Crownshaw. 

If you are reading this newsletter on the website and have not had it emailed then either you are not on the member list or we have an incorrect email address  – either way, please get in touch. 

….and Finally 

Our aim is to move the club forward, enjoy our running and celebrate our achievements along the way. If you can think of any improvements, we can make or if you are doing (or have done) something you’d like to share please get in touch with any of the committee team or e-mail us at