Countdown to the Crown Buffet!

It’s not too late to pick up a ticket for the inaugural Crown Buffet on 14th December, a bargain at £5 which includes a quiz and hot food. Speak to Alicia, Sara, Sam or Chris to get your ticket.

Dress Fancy! (not Fancy Dress…)

This is one of the rare occasions where Kestrels can venture out in something other than sweaty high viz, so feel free to dust off your glad rags! For those of you who have checked the back of your wardrobe to discover you only own running kit and pyjamas, you are not alone! No pressure, dress code is optional.

Our annual awards ceremony will also take place during the Crown Buffet, we will be sending out an email tomorrow with a link for you to nominate your “member of the year” and “performance of the year”.

We hope to see you there,