New scoring rule for XC 2022!

Quick note on scoring for XC, this year we have a NEW RULE! All the usual rules still apply, so the first 7 runners of each gender score their position (e.g. 5th place = 5 points). The club with the lowest score wins the series.

This year, after the first 7 scoring runners the next 10 runners home for each club will DEDUCT a point from the overall score!

For example – if our first 7 women clocked up a score of 112, but we had 5
additional women running in our team (12 women in total), we would deduct 5
points for a score of 107. There is a maximum of 10 points deducted from the
overall score (10 for the women, 10 for the men).

This means that to maximise our chances we need at least 17 men and 17 women to run for our club.

The idea here is to encourage more runners, of any ability, to take part in the series. Even if you tail walked it you would be helping your club!

The next XC is our home event in Killamarsh on 30th January – the perfect reason to join in if you haven’t given XC a try yet. And if you really don’t want to run it, we could still do with more volunteers to help us marshal and put on a fun and safe event.

Speak to our team captains Rachel Cadey and Kevin Rowles if you want a number to run, and Alicia Parkes if you can help out with marshalling.