KK Grand Prix Series

2022 is the first year we are trying our hand at a Kestrels Grand Prix series. As this is our first attempt, we will be learning and improving along the way so please bear with us!

For anyone who is new to the idea, it’s basically a way to add even more excitement to your racing calendar, incentivising people to run in local races and helping to create a level playing field – The GP uses the WAVA age grading system and has races over different distances and terrain, it is the true leveller of ability – being just the fastest does not win the GP!

Grand Prix Rules

Each Grand Prix series includes four different types of race;

  • Cross Country
  • Fell
  • Road
  • Trail

Within these types of race we also have three categories (1, 2 or 3) which relate to distance (essentially short, medium or long).

The series consists of 24 races (selected by the committee) spread as evenly as possible across the types and categories of race, as well as being spread throughout the year. This years list can be found here.

To compete in the Grand Prix, 9 races must be completed under the following criteria:

  • One race from each type (XC, fell, road, trail)
  • One race from each category (1, 2, 3)
  • The remaining races can be made up of any other type and category
  • You must run as a Kestrel, in club kit, and be a fully paid up member to be eligible

The committee will;

  • substitute a suitable race if any nominated race is cancelled
  • give as much notice as possible if changes are necessary
  • adjust the scoring if this is not possible
  • receive comments on the GP as the year progresses to make improvements and plans for the following year


  • The scoring will be done by the WAVA age grading system so that it gives a fairer chance to all
  • Points are out of 100 for each race, the highest score wins
  • All competitors will compete in the age group in which they fall on 1st Jan of the year of competition
  • The best 9 races from the 24 available will be scored from all the GP races you race
  • No more than 9 races will count towards the final score
  • Rother Valley Parkrun can be done any Saturday, but will only be counted once
  • Rother Valley Parkrun is classified as road race as it is a fast flat course on good terrain, and we were struggling to find a road race for the short category (1)
  • Each runner is responsible for submitting their time with proof of time and distance (strava and official race timing result) to kkgrandprix@gmail.com
  • Results should be submitted by 12 midday on the day following the event