Round Rotherham Relay

The 2022 RRR will take place on Saturday 1st October, with a mass start at 8am for the first leg setting out from Manvers Waterfront Boat Club (also the end point, its a circular route).

What is it?

It’s an eight stage relay taking in 80km of the South Yorkshire Forest (its mostly rural land rather than woodland). The basic rules of the relay are:

(a) runners change-over at each of the seven intermediate checkpoints

(b) runners can be accompanied by “minders” rather than run alone

(c) runners cannot run consecutive legs (except as a minder)

(d) it is the team’s responsibility to get the fresh runner to the check point, and to collect the runner from the previous stage

In a Mixed team, ladies must cover a third of the distance. For example, a team would need 4 ladies if they intend to run the shortest stages, but would only need 2 or 3 ladies if they take on some of the longer stages.

You can read more about the event and see the stages and maps on the website here.

NOTE: The course is not marked and there are only marshals at the start/end points of each stage. Part of the fun is having to navigate and as such it’s highly recommended you reccie your leg before the event itself to avoid getting lost. GPX watches are allowed if you have one with maps on.

Do I need to be “fast”?

Short answer: NO!

Last year we put together a mixed team for the Round Rotherham Relay (we came 2nd!) and we would love to put more teams forward this year.

We are about 5 people short of forming THREE Kestrels teams. We can enter as many teams as we can find runners for! We want to encourage each and every one of our members to consider taking part.

This is a really friendly event, with runners of ALL abilities taking part. It’s not just for running clubs, anyone can enter a team. In parallel to the relay there are people running the entire thing solo and others who walk it. All are not only welcome, but highly encouraged to take part.

What’s the plan?

We plan on putting together at least 3 mixed teams.

Teams will be roughly grouped according to pace, predominately to ensure no one feels under pressure by being in a team with someone who is significantly faster than them.

The intention is to make sure everyone feels welcome no matter your ability or preferred distance. The shortest leg is 6.3km, the longest is 15.6km with most stages around 10km so there is something for everyone.

How can I get involved?

We’ve set up a dedicated RRR WhatsApp group for those who have already come forward, please get in touch with any of the committee members to get added to the group and get your name down for a team!

Chat to us on facebook or in person at club.


Tuesday Official Club Run Cancelled

Owing to the forecast of severe heat and the RED heat warning, we have taken the decision to cancel the official run on Tuesday 19th July.

If people still wish to run then that will be entirely your decision and risk but if so please stay safe. If people do choose to run, we would suggest running with other people – please use the WhatsApp group to check with any fellow runners.

Club Run will be back on Thursday